Water Ski North, Owner 1

Joey Cecutti - Over Seven years of water ski instructional experience, and a history of success running a multiple boat water ski program at Hockey Opportunity Camp, Joey brings water ski and wake board instructional expertise to our team. A graduate of business administration at Laurentian University. Former Facility Pool Operator at Gatchell Pool and a current first aid instructor, Joey has received awards for his excellence in swim instruction from the Greater City of Sudbury. Joey also enjoys studying and teaching Sailing and Tae Kwon do.

Head Instructors

Water Ski North, Head Instructors 1

Millana Marcon - Studying to become an elementary teacher at Laurentian University, Millana's education has a heavy influence at Water Ski North. Millana is always an important logistical coordinator at our school, helping to make sure our students are set together in the best possible way before they even leave the dock. Millana also volunteers teaching skating programs during the winter. In her youth Millana received her Black Belt in Karate and the lessons she learned still play a role in her character today. 

Water Ski North, Head Instructors 2

PJ Nykilchuk - A student of the Adventure Leadership program at Laurentian University Peter has been a key asset to our Team. His immense knowledge of adventure guidance and safety has helped to create a stronger program at Water Ski North. PJ is also studying to become a school teacher. During the winter, and a few weeks in the summer, PJ works as a Hockey instructor in local programs held at countryside arena. PJ's experience from multiple canoe trips before and during his university career make him a very important member of our team.

Water Ski North, Head Instructors 3

Lindon Shanks - A staple skier in the Long Lake community, Lindon has offered his help volunteering to teach and drive young skiers since before he became a professional water ski instructor. Lindon has also worked as a NOHA referee creating a solid foundation for dealing with difficult situations and maintaining his cool. He has volunteered with the Sudbury Rockhounds lacrosse league as a coach. An active snowboader, snowmobiler, and wake boarder Lindon is an amazing influence on the youth at Water Ski North.  

Water Ski North, Head Instructors 4

Dean Cecutti -  An expert slalom skier and a professional engineer, Dean (or Dino) brings expertise in boat set up and maintenance as a graduate of Guelph Universities mechanical engineering program. As well as teaching water skiing Dino has a history of instructing and coaching hockey during winter months of the year. An avid canoe tripper and hiker Dino is an excellent role model for youth students at Water Ski North. Dino also enjoys studying and teaching Tae Kwon Do at the Sudbury Chelmsford Tae Kwon Do Academy, and training Jiu Jit Su at Sudbury BJJ Academy.