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W.S.N. Instructor Training Program

This course is designed to give each student the skills needed to make them a successful youth sports instructor in a summer camp environment. Leaving the course students can expect to have developed their own abilities in organization, planning, class management, control, and teaching technique.

Students will receive training and certification in Standard First aid and CPR C, along with training in either Bronze Cross or Bronze Medallion. Students will also be trained in class management and the basic skills needed to be a successful instructor on the dock or in the boat with multiple class sizes. 15 hours of Volunteer service will be mandatory for students to finish the 3-week course.

Required Material

Note book, Pen/Pencil, Water bottle, Swim Suit, Towel, Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses, Sweater, Rain Jacket

**Minimum 14 years of age by June 2019**

**This course provides necessary first aid and CPR C training mandatory for the CWSIC but does not substitute for the CWSIC**

Course fee’s      


  • Registration                $ 380

  • Workbook package   $   80

  • Exam Fees                  $   45

     Total Course Cost        $ 505

ITP Application

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Course dates       

July 13th-31st or August 10th–28th              


Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

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