At Water Ski North, we are committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun. Our goal is to help our students grow confidence both on and off the water. We invite you to learn more about Water Ski North and discover an education built for you.


     At Water Ski North we offer all ages and all levels training. We have equipment available free with each lesson including lifejackets, skis, ropes and handles, wake boards and wake skates, barefoot suits, trick skis and kneeboards. We also use a water ski boom for participants who are learning something new, a tool which allows skiers to fall less and spend more time having fun. 

  Registering for a lesson with water ski north in 2021 you can expect to arrive 15 min before your lesson to our beautiful secluded training site. A staff member will great you and confirm your booking along with preforming a covid-19 screening if not already completed. After a brief introduction and lesson our staff will assist you in picking the correct lifejacket and skis, board or suit needed for what you are there to practice. 

  After securing the necessary equipment and getting ready you will head to the dock area where our instructor and spotter will be waiting with the boat for you. Depending on when you arrive there may be skiers ahead of you. 

  When the previous skiers are done their ski sets the instructor and spotter will switch out and disinfect the handles before you ski or board. 

  You should expect to ski for 1-2 sets between 5-10 min each depending on the type of lesson your register for and the number of participants. Our instructor and spotter will work together to give you advice between sets and try to help you improve.

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